The Power of Creative Entrepreneurship

The Power of Creative Entrepreneurship

Creative Entrepreneurship is Doing What Excites You. 

Life is meant to be lived with excitement and joy. It’s time to remember what used to light us up and make us feel alive, and bring that back into our lives. Whether it’s playing music, being in nature, or even recording a vlog, doing things that bring us happiness is key to living a fulfilled life.

It’s natural to lose our sense of excitement from time to time for things we once loved, but it’s important to remember that we can reignite that spark.

For me, creativity has been a major source of excitement and joy. As a creative entrepreneur and artist, I’ve been able to embrace everything that I’m passionate about, from composing music to making YouTube videos, podcast episodes and even starting to write my first book.

I want to inspire you to find what brings excitement and joy into your life, whether it’s something you used to love or something completely new. And remember, it’s never too late to start pursuing your passions. I turned 48 yesterday and I feel that I am just getting started. Let’s reignite that spark and bring back the excitement for life.

The truth is that as I age I’m feeling even more inspired to create and share my work with you.

Watch my video about: Creative Entrepreneurship is Doing what Excites You.

And listen to my latest Podcast Episode where  I talk about embracing risk and opportunity !

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