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Your knowledge and experience is worth more than what you think.

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Break through your self-imposed ceiling and negative self-talk with personalised one-on-one coaching to help you build an online knowledge business.Create your own schedule and work around your lifestyle. Have the flexibility to work when and where you want. Wake up and do work that you are truly passionate about and go to bed knowing that you did something valuable.
Create content from your heart and express yourself sharing what’s important to you. Imagine getting messages daily from people that their lives you’ve changed and being a source of good in the world because you helped others.
Create unlimited income potential working online and leverage the power of the internet. Have the freedom to spend more time with your loved ones and stop trading time for money. Imagine you are living your vision because you made it materialize.

Lifestyle and Business coaching

Learn the skills you'll need to start and run an online business that fits your lifestyle

Get crystal clear on your online business idea and how to position yourself.

Craft the perfect messaging to connect with your ideal client.

Move past your blind spots

Tackle all of your fears and doubts so that you are always taking action towards your big vision.

Establish work and life balance

simplify and focus your business model in a way that feels natural and sustainable.

Develop self-awareness and a positive mindset.

Identify your strengths, as well as areas of weakness that need further development.


Daniel really helped me understand how important it is to build an audience! His passion and dedication are an asset to anyone that wants to promote themselves on the internet.

Ricardo Soares

Ricardo Soares

music composer/drummer

I was lucky enough to meet Daniel on social media at exactly the right time for me. He gave me some invaluable help in understanding the importance of growing your audience before creating your online course. Before talking to Daniel I had been creating my course in a vacuum, he helped me in getting on the right track with online course creation as well with getting the ball rolling. Through the conversations with Daniel I got the clarity I needed to move forward with intentionality, by focusing on the right actions and doing things in the right order. I am very grateful our paths crossed in the social media jungle and I loved talking to him, he is very kind and patient, and truly comes from a place of wanting to help and see you succeed! I highly recommend working with Daniel! 

Tracy O’Leary

Tracy O’Leary

Professional Coach

Daniel is an expert in email marketing and building funnels. He’s a great communicator and explains these concepts in a clear and helpful way. My testimonial is based on our conversations where we bounced off ideas and discussed content marketing and growing an audience as core tactics in building my online business.

Stella Mikraki

Stella Mikraki

online marketer, senior growth marketing manager at Learnworlds

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