Mindset and Business Coaching Program

a 4-week one-on-one coaching program

your true potential

Get Ready to Smash All of Your Limiting Beliefs And Step Into the World of Entrepreneurship with this 4-week transformational 1:1 Coaching Program.


✔️ You don’t know how to start an online business but you’ve been thinking about it.

✔️ You want to share your knowledge with others but feel like an imposter?

✔️ You are a passionate individual but you lack the confidence to put yourself online.

✔️ You are overwhelmed with information about “how to build an online business” and you don’t know what to do first.

✔️ You want to overcome your limiting beliefs and cultivate a growth mindset.


>To start an online business share your knowledge online and monetize your passion.

>A personalized roadmap for your entrepreneurial journey. Receive expert guidance on creating a solid foundation for your business, setting achievable goals, and outlining strategic steps to success.

>To cultivate a growth mindset that fuels your personal and professional development. Use the power of positive thinking and resilience to conquer challenges and embrace opportunities in the world of entrepreneurship.

>To receive hands-on personalized support to initiate your business journey. From setting up your online presence to understanding the basics of marketing and customer engagement, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your entrepreneurial venture.

>To identify and eliminate self-imposed limitations that have been holding you back. Empower yourself to break free from negative thought patterns and unleash your full potential in life and in business.


> 1:1 mindset and business coaching for 4 weeks.

> In-depth review and weekly calls via Zoom.

> Accountability, action plans, and feedback on all arrears of your business.

> Ongoing support and coaching via WhatsApp/Telegram.

> Flexible approach based on a deep understanding of your business and goals.

Daniel is an expert in email marketing and building funnels. He's a great communicator and explains these concepts in a clear and helpful way. My testimonial is based on our conversations where we bounced off ideas and discussed content marketing and growing an audience as core tactics in building my online business.
Daniel really helped me understand how important it is to build an audience! His passion and dedication are an asset to anyone who wants to promote themselves on the Internet
The biggest achievement by working with Daniel has been to become the best version of myself. He has also given me many options to enable me to broaden my mind and my business, by creating online content, building online courses, growing an audience and sharing my passion with the world.

Because I know how to help you start an online business. My coaching programs are based on personal experience and successful strategies that I’ve used to build a six-figure knowledge-based online business and helped my clients to do the same.

If you don’t act today… then when?

Let’s face it:
You put off important things that you know you need to do, and if you don’t act right now, it’s not going to happen.